Vacations, Redux.

True Beauty : From the Cover of Vikram Chandra's 'Sacred Games'

True Beauty : From the Cover of Vikram Chandra’s ‘Sacred Games’

The reason you see a beautiful woman on the left is because I wish to announce her as my girlfriend to the world. Met  her recently at a Reception Barack Obama hosted for me the other day. Right. How I wish the reception bit were true. As  a very dear friend of mine puts it, my palm shows strong indications of fame (or infamy, and knowing me, it’s probably  the latter). With regards to the woman, beautiful as she may be, my tastes are better, and different.

The photo is of an unidentified model on the cover of Vikram Chandra’s Magnum Opus, ‘Sacred Games’, and what I love  about this picture is how effortlessly it captures the beauty of the woman. No jazzy dress, no over the top make up, just  plain simple perfection. Perfection lies in simplicity. Harder to screw up when you’re just a very simple person, isn’t it?

After a hectic semester of having people around me, all the time, in committee meetings, in impromptu soirées, I’m  finally getting some time to myself, and while it feels alien, it’s in no way unwelcome. I’ve however had some beautiful  conversations, in the most unlikeliest of places and situations. Whether it be giving a pep talk to people before crucial  interviews, or it be staring up at the stars, talking about the sem gone by, I think I’ve had a few intense, gripping,  enriching conversations I’ll forever cherish and be grateful for.

The MBA season is kicking off again, and a lot of students out there are thinking whether they’re good enough or not.   Trust me, unlike IIT-JEE (yeah, I’ve been through the painful 2 years of Engineering Coaching, absolute nightmare), MBA   preps are simple. There’s no intellectual difference in people who score a 97 & a 99 percentile, in my opinion. However, the sins of your past shall continue to haunt you. For me, it was the grades I got in class 12, which did me in for a lot of colleges. I still managed to ace the CAT, get through a few top colleges like SP and MDI, and still choose TISS over the rest. This is not self glorification, but a realistic portrayal of the kind of influence luck has on selection. Your panel, your test, your atmosphere, none of it is under your control, only your preparation is. And writing these exams back to back can be tough, as one of my friends told me, that in her final year of college, going in and coming out of papers was what she found the toughest thing to deal with. And it can get nauseating towards the end. The same kind of questions, the same scramble against time, the intense amount of concentration needed for a mock, all of these things, simply put, are exhausting.

So, now that I’m done dishing out advice, I’ll go back to talking about vacations. Vacations are by far one of the worst times of the year for me. The lack of something going on to keep you occupied gnaws me from the inside. One day of being alone, and I’m already restless, have gone through one book at breakneck speed and have been looking for things to do around the house. Simply put, vacations suck. However, I also use vacations to cut off fro the world I’m a part of for most of the year. There are some times when you need to get away from everything, whether it be your responsibilities, whether it be your friends or whether it be your family. And unless people are persistent, I can be difficult to trace down. So yes, in a lot of ways, I’m a bundle of contradictions.

No boundaries of language.

No boundaries of language.

The last movie I saw was ‘Love Actually’. A little to soft for someone who writes entire blogposts about Pacific Rim & Marshal Stacker Pentecost (love that name), you’d think, right? But there are some beautifully wound up love stories in what I’d call Richard Curtis’ masterpiece. The one that struck me the most was Jamie (Colin Firth) & Aurelia’s (Lucia Moniz) love story where they fall in love across the boundaries drawn by languages. Sometimes, love can be so heart warming, that the inadequacies of the other person don’t put you off, don’t make you unsure, but more determined to carry on. Life’s gt a strange way of throwing up challenges, and humans have a stranger way of answering them.

Also, October’s been a good month for this blog, with this being the 4th post for the month. While not in the same vein of intensity as the other posts, I think this post talks about a different side of me. And why shouldn’t it? The real me is on Holiday.

‘I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies
This is the dawning of the rest of our lives
This is our lives on holiday’


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