Binging on Vacations!

I’m in the midst of long vacations, which are sometimes interrupted by Pre-Joining formalities of my future employer. Being a post graduate with a management degree has its own share of downsides. So yes, every social interaction these days isn’t a delightful affair. I start working with as Human Resources professional from the 1st of July, so yes, the last few weeks have been spent in absolute and complete boredom.

Everytime I sit down with people, the questions eventually boil down to Human Resources, and how it’s a soft career. As someone once said, Left is Right. Similarly, soft, is hard.

A lot of questions are asked, and some are plain infuriating.

1. “Beta, kitna kama rahe ho?” (Child, how much are you earning?)

An absolute favourite at social gatherings, everyone really wants to know the “Moolah” that I’ll be raking in. Except, the money may seem like a lot, but isn’t. As some people say, its never enough. I modify it to say, It’s never enough because its not there!

2. “Beta shaadi kab kar rahe ho?” (Child, when are you getting married?)

This question is something that makes my parents cringe with me. For god’s sake I’m just 25!

3. “Kitna deti hai?” (How much does she give?)

This was just to check if you were reading. Nah, no one really asks me that. Well, not till I own a car or a bike

4. “Mere liye Black label, paani ke saath. Inke liye Paani, Ice ke saath” (Black Label whiskey with water for me, water with Ice for the kid)

Seriously! I’m not in kindergarten. The problem with Free alcohol is, you can never have it. 

5. “Beta, gar pe bore nahi hote?” (Child, don’t you get bored at home?)

Of course I do! Why on earth would anyone in their right minds ask that question.

Moving on,

Netflix & House of Cards taught the world something us engineers already knew. (Unbelievable, isn’t it, Engineers knowing anything. These days, the littlest thing they know is a Quora thread. Can you believe it, I’ve even started writing answers on Quora!). Binge-Watching. In my days in undergrad (way back in 2011), boys would measure social standing by GBs on their external Hard disks, and the number of seasons they had. College is a great equalizer. People who were from smaller cities and had not been exposed to the kind of cultural upbringing people from the bigger cities have, changed, a lot. From being unaware of who Greg House was, to rattling off IMDB ratings of shows and movies, they’d traverse the entire spectrum of TV and cinema. (I was no different, becoming a fan of comedy shows in my time at college).

So now, as I finally quit college (postgrad!), after 4 years of Engineering, 2 years of GE and another couple of years of studying human resources, I’ve been given a long long vacation (almost three months) before I hit the grind again. And trust me, binge-holidaying, isn’t as easy as binge watching TV.

Life isn’t easy these days. The initial thrill of vacations has worn off, and the excitement of starting work hasn’t kicked in yet. It feels a little bit like a soft, listless existence. I tried picking up a few sports, but then, the Delhi heat got the better of me. And as luck would have it, all friends have ditched grand plans of taking a trip to the hills. Very very sad indeed. So what’ve I been doing? Read on.

Binge-watching: Well, lots of free time, a fast internet connection and a hard disk that’s finally not locking up and dying, what does one do? I’ve gone on multiple binge sprees in the last week, watching Despicable Me, The Thick of It, Veep, Kings and I don’t know what. TV miniseries like Band of Brothers, The Pacific etc get thrown somewhere in the middle. Over the last few days, I’ve been like an angry caveman, stomping out of my room for food, and then walking back in again. I’ve even seen Johnny Depp’s much maligned “Lone Ranger” and surprisingly, I didn’t find it bad. The train scene, out if the world.

The latest is Boston Legal. Having stopped at The Practice, I’ve never really started off with the spin-off, and after I saw Age of Ultron, I wanted to see James Spader in action. And somehow I think I like him better as a badass lawyer, than a Pinocchio singing robot hell bent on destroying humanity. My mother has permanently put a table mat in my room. She just doesn’t expect me to eat at the table anymore.

Sometimes, I just feel like randomly saying out, “Denny Crane” and I, have William Shatner to than for that.

Running: While running plans aren’t very regular, they do end up happening (with decreasing frequency now) because of the heat, and running a few rounds to Rid of the Valkyries, or the William Tell Overture (Loved it in the Lone Ranger) is very satisfying indeed. Also, with my mother breathing down my neck for ‘getting active’, (result of all the binge watching), I need to atleast try and look active. And, I spent 4K on running shoes from snapdeal. So yeah, Dil ki deal needs some running by the legs. 

Reading : Junk it, I’m not gonna write another book review here.

Meeting people: On the rare occasions that I do step out of my little cave, I do actually end up meeting some people. However, conversations just go on a single track. What am I doing with these holidays! If only I knew. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Holidays are the WORST TIME EVER! For someone who hasn’t worked on anything meaningful this year, at all, the end of five months of meaninglessness are very annoying indeed. And I still have 37 more goddamn days left!

So, what does a TISS graduate do in vacations. (Adarsh MBA types. I’m sure we’ll have a meme on it soon). This post is having way more lists than I thought it would.

1. Meet overenthusiastic relatives who wanna know all about how I’m going to transform businesses. (Yeah right)

2. Meet overenthusiastic friends who wanna know all about how I’m going to transform businesses. (Yeah right)

3. Explain to people what HR is. And how its not only payroll and hiring. (Though that is quite a huge portion)

4. Try and seem knowledgeable but always have an exit route out of a tough conversation. (So what’s your company’s Topline and bottomline growth over the last few years? Well, fairly strong, considering the industry and the operating environment)

5. Explain to people how TISS is not a bschool, but we’re all doing bschool jobs anyway. And the best ones at that. Not a very convincing argument, but its true!

6. Look enviously at other people at work, and wish you’d start already. (Lots of seniors at work tell me that I will revisit these thoughts once I join, but then, what the heck)

7. Think of blog posts to write.

8. Make lists (and, I should stop.)

So to sum it up, I’m a bored soul, and if you have any ideas of what to do, please please let me know.

Else, very soon, I’ll be hollering the following words every minute.

“Denny Crane”


2 thoughts on “Binging on Vacations!

  1. Hahaha! I can imagine your agony, although I’ve only had about 12 days of activity-free time in the hols. I hooked up a friend of mine in a similar situation with an NGO in Dharamshala. She’s liking the work there, plus its Dharamshala. If you’re interested, could do the same for you.

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