So, its been a while. All resolutions for writing something on a regular basis have gone down the drain. Well, the primary reason being that I’ve tried to hit the ground running after moving back into a job.

Working for an organization that relies heavily on written communication has its pitfalls too. Simply put, all creative ideas get drained out by the time you get your hands to a keyboard. And somewhere, the joy of writing was lost. However, there’s been a lot happening at work, and while its very interesting, its for another post. I’ve been posted to the wonderfully boring city of Mysore, which is so quiet, you can hear your own heartbeat most of the time.

I’ve read quite a few books of late, been in a multitude of cities, and made some great new friends while rediscovering some old friends, and forming bonds anew.

So, lets get straight to it. Catharsis, why though? Simply put, I just needed to write. And this time, not a work email.

So, when you work in a high stress environment, what gets you going? What gets you willing to go to work the next day amidst all the madness? What makes you , in simple words, ‘Chill the F*ck out?’

The answer, of course is known to the dark side. (Or that’s what Supreme Leader Snoke would have us believe!). Haha, enough of fooling around, but I personally think that the answer lies in experiencing music, immersing yourself in a superb book and just letting the environment soak into you.

So, let me take you through bits of music, books and places. Seems good? So read on.

I’ve never been a genre person. Anything that appeals is what’s branded in my head. A wonderful memory is a close friend singing the Lootera Song, ‘Sawaar Loon’ after a death defying trek to Garbett point in the first year of TISS. Read more about that here!

The beauty of her voice, coupled with the misty mountains cold (see what I did there!) made me really experience every single emotion the song wanted to continue. So, of late, I’ve tried to replicate beautiful music at home. So, Bose it was. The soundlink is one of the best speakers one can hope to find. If you want to live every beat, every note, every word of a superb song, that’s where you’ll find it.

So a song like Matargashti will fill you up with joy and laughter, and Luka Chuppi will make tears well up in your eyes. And well, Sawaar Loon, reminds me of that trek, and the classmate’s voice at Garbett Point. So yes, that’s how you experience music

There’s something about good music, good speakers, and some alcohol, that lights up all our lives!

Places and books, well they are for another post, very soon.

“Hawa ke jhonke aaj mausamon se rooth gaye
Gulon ki shokhiyaan jo bhanwre aake loot gaye”


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